What Are the Different Types of Guitars Available?

There are different types of gitar that are available when someone wants to start, but for most of them, it’s either the akustisk gitar or the electric guitar, bassgitar. And that’s actually an easy way to avoid the confusion since most of the guys basically fall on both.

But from a knowledge point of view, if you want to know or say, maybe a few months later, that you want to improve your guitar, you should have an idea of ​​the different types of guitars that are available.

This is because you will start to appreciate the finer points of playing the guitar, and you will also recognize what kind of music you like to play on the guitar. Maybe at that time, you’ll find that the guitar you bought is a bit restrictive.

What are the different types of guitars?

Acoustic guitars
First, let’s look at the acoustic guitars. Although we talk about acoustics, there are some who may wonder if they are different from the classical guitars.

On the base there is no difference, the main difference is that classical guitars use nylon strings while acoustics use steel strings. Beginners should use the nylon strings because they do not hurt their fingers so much. But if you have previously played and want to play in a variety of styles, then the acoustic guitar is more appropriate.

Electric guitars
These are pretty common and also popular. Everyone wants to play the electric guitar and step into the limelight on stage. These guitars are connected to amplifiers and then you can modulate the sound with effects like distortion. Even with guitar amps, you have a great variety.

You also have a combination of electrical and acoustic properties known as acoustic-electric guitars that are designed to give you the best of both worlds.

MIDI guitars
Many pieces of music are now produced on the computer and a midi instrument facilitates interaction with computers and other digital instruments. So you also get midi guitars, more for the experienced musicians who are more concerned with music.

So there are several options if you want to buy a guitar. It is best to research for yourself, to try out some guitars in a music store and to be within the budget. Now that you know about the different types of guitars, making a purchase a bit easier.